Parent Information Night is Sept. 28!

Parent Information Night is coming up! Plan to attend this important event on Thursday, September 28. We have changed the structure of the evening to make it easier for parents to meet with all of their children’s teachers and form a partnership that will support our kids throughout the year! The schedule for the evening is as follows:

        6:30 – K-4 Session 1 (In your child’s classroom)

        6:50 –Traveling Time

            6:55– K-4 Session 2 (In your child’s classroom)

        7:15- Traveling Time

        7:20 – All (K-8)  School Session (School Cafeteria)

        7:50 – Parents who only have K-4 students may depart

        7:55 – Middle School Session (School Cafeteria)

        8:35 – Evening is Complete

K-4 Session – An opportunity for the teachers to give parents a sense of what their child’s experience will be this year. Teachers will cover classroom procedures, homework policies, expectations, and management of student behavior. This session is repeated (Session 1 & Session 2) to provide opportunities for parents with more than 1 child in grades K-4. If you only have 1 child in grades K-4, your evening will begin with Session 2.

All School Session – An opportunity for me to be with our entire parent body, talk about where we are at as a school, where we are going, and what we need from you, the parents. We will also hear from Home & School. There will be a volunteer blitz – opportunities to sign up and then go home with student out-of-uniform passes and be a hero!

Middle School Session – An chance for our middle school coordinator, Mr. Kenney, to communicate procedures, expectations, and practices that apply to all middle school teachers and students.  Each middle school teacher will have the floor for a short period of time to address practices and procedures specific to their classroom. f you do not have any children in grades 5-8 you do not need to attend this session, but are certainly welcome.

If you have questions about how this evening will go, please call the school office for clarification.  If you are wondering if this evening is important and worth your time, yes, yes it is.

God bless you,
Danny Kieffer, St. Charles Principal

Weekly Update 3 – September 21, 2017

Read the Weekly Update 3 – September 21, 2017 for the latest news on what’s happening at St. Charles School.


To submit an article for the Weekly Update, please send your submission by Tuesday at 2 pm to the school office at

Weekly Update #2 for September 14, 2017

Read the Weekly Update #2 – September 14, 2017 for the latest news on what’s happening at St. Charles School.


To submit an article for the Weekly Update, please send your submission by Tuesday at 2 pm to the school office at

Spirit Wear Store open until Sept. 25!

Shop online for Spirit Wear until September 25!

The online Spirit Wear Shop is currently OPEN until September 25! You can see samples and try on sizes in the main school office. There are lots of new Spirit Wear items, such as athletic pants and jacket set, shorts, sweat pants, t-shirts, winter hats, and more! A Charger head band (which can be worn in school!) can be purchased directly from the school office.

Click here to access the Spirit Wear Store instructions and link.

Art Club, Karate, Band and more!

Art Club for 6th-8th Graders

Art Club for 6th -8th graders will begin on September 20. The Club will run for six Wednesdays from 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm. Art Club registration is available here.

Band Program for 5th-8th Graders

There is still time to sign up for the band program this year. The first lesson is Wednesday, September 13. See the link for more details: Band Registration Information.

Interested in Karate?

Check out this link to learn more about Karate opportunities at St. Charles School: Sterling Karate Flyer for 2017.

Updates from the Principal!

Dear St. Charles Parents,

Here is the promised update! There are a number of random things that I want you to know about. With respect for your time, I’ll be as succinct as possible. I’ve provided an order of topics for your convenience!

Thank you,
Danny Kieffer, St. Charles Prinicpal

1. New School Counselor

St. Charles has a new Masters level counselor provided by Dr. Steve Kahn and the Phoenix Group.  Joy Wedan was our counselor for the past couple of years. This year she has decided that she would like to have more time with her family.  Our new counselor is Victoria Stein, and she will be with us on Wednesdays from 7:45-2:45. We share Ms. Stein with Our Lady of Grace and St. Alphonsus. Please find an introduction letter from her attached.  If you would like to email Victoria to discuss service on a specific topic, her email address is

2. Middle School Birthdays

We have discontinued the practice of allowing students in grades 5-8 to bring treats on their birthday.  This became difficult to manage and a bit chaotic. We have come up with a new way for middle school students to celebrate birthdays. One day each month will be designated as a birthday out-of-uniform day for those students in grades 5-8 whose birthday is that month. We will recognize August and September birthdays on September 20th with future dates to be communicated and added to the calendar.

3. Aftercare Changes

We are hiring more staff for our aftercare program. Please refer any candidates to  As the St. Charles teachers phase out of working in the aftercare program and new staff moves in, we are taking the opportunity to update some of our protocols and practices to increase safety for our children.  When you arrive to pick up your child from aftercare, have a valid state ID with you to verify that you are the parent. Students will only be released to parents or other individuals listed on the approved pick up list.  Individuals on the approved pick-up list must also have a valid state ID to pick up your child.  Your cooperation and adherence is crucial to maintain the safety of our children during this transition.

4. Health Office Volunteers Needed! Plus Health Office News

We have a need for health office volunteers on Mondays this year.  Please email if you are interested in taking on some Mondays. We will provide training!  In the weeks to come Mrs. Larson will be in the health office less regularly and eventually become a sub.  Mrs. Slattery’s days will increase. It is possible that we will be hiring an additional health aide for 1-2 days per week in the near future.

5. Band Day moves to Wednesday!

Band Day used to be Thursday, now it is Wednesday.  Please plan accordingly; band begins on Wednesday, September 13th.

6. Salad Bar!

We have a salad bar in the lunchroom that will be available to staff and grades 5-8 once the inspection is complete.  We are planning to try making it available to the younger grades, starting with 4th  grade to see how it goes.  Our salad bar will contain all of the components required to meet MDE guidelines for a healthy lunch.

7. Pick-up Hiccups

Please remain patient with pick-up procedures; we are working out the kinks as we do every year.  Please enter the parking lot in 2 lanes, merge into one, and pull up as far as you can when picking up your child.  Please avoid parking in the middle of the pick up line. If you have to exit your car to assist your child, please use caution for the safety of you and your child.  If you are picking up a preschool student, please wait to park until you reach the end where the students are waiting and then sign out your child.

8. Thank you to Jansma Family and 8th Graders of Last Year!

Thanks to the Jansma family for building us a beautiful box around our sign for flowers and plants!  Thank you to last year’s 8th graders and the Abel family for filling it with soil and planting some beautiful plants in the new box. I receive a lot of compliments about the appearance of our grounds and this just increases the beauty! Check out our Facebook page if you haven’t seen the photos!

9. Free and Reduced Lunch Forms

Please fill out these forms sent over the summer and submit them to the school office as soon as possible!  The forms will help your family receive subsidized prices on lunch and it helps the school to receive federal funding through Title 1.  If your family receives financial assistance you are likely to qualify, please help us out and apply!  This is important even if you do not use the school lunch program. Call the office if you need the forms re-sent to you!

Fall Fest is October 7!

Soccer and Volleyball Registration!

Soccer and Volleyball Registration for Grades 4-8 is due Friday, September 8.

It’s not too late to sign up your 4th – 8th grade student for soccer or volleyball! Registration forms available at: Volleyball_Soccer_Consent. Please return forms ASAP. The team rosters are due Friday.