The St. Charles Annual School Marathon will be held on Saturday, October 6 and is a chance for fun and fellowship to support Catholic Education. Click below for details about the Marathon:

The marathon is our school’s community-building event and helps raise awareness of non-public education. It’s also the most important school fundraising event of the year. Donations raised through the marathon go directly to our school to support many programs and are a part of our operating budget. This year our overall school fundraising goal is $43,000. Last year, our students surpassed their goal – we are hoping to do the same this year!

Everyone is welcome!

All students in Preschool through 8th grade and their families are invited to participate in the Marathon. Each student in kindergarten through 8th grade is asked to meet a minimum fundraising goal of $185 to help us meet our school goal. Students may find people to sponsor them for participating in the Marathon or families may choose to make the fair share payment of $185 per student.

Marathon prizes

In addition to supporting our school through fundraising, students have an opportunity to earn prizes for the following:

  • All students who meet their goal of $185 will receive an Out-of-Uniform Pass and their name entered in the weekly drawings for a variety of PRIZES. The drawings will be held every Friday during the collection period. Students must turn in their total donations on one of the collection Tuesdays.
  • There are also Grand Prizes that will be randomly selected on October 16, including items like a Beats headphones, Drones, an iPad, and much more. All students who bring in $185 or more will have their name entered in the drawing. Those who bring in $300 or more will have their name entered 3 times, and those who bring in $500 or more will have their name entered 5 times into the drawing for the Grand Prizes.
  • The TOP student fundraisers in three grade-level brackets (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) will receive a Grand Prize! We will also randomly select 6 winners for the LIMO ride and pizza lunch with Father Przybilla and Mr. Kieffer!
  • Grade levels will have a goal based on the number of students per grade. If a grade reaches their goal, they can choose 45 minutes of open gym or extra recess.
  • The entire school will be awarded a Spirit Wear day after $15,000 is raised. When $30,000 is raised the school will be awarded an Out-of-Uniform day. When the $43,000 goal is met the school will be awarded with a “special guest” for an afternoon of fun.

Matching funds

Matching Funds Programs are offered for educational institutions by many companies. They can be a huge help in reaching our goal. Please check with your employer about any matching fund programs that may be offered. Learn more about companies that have Matching Gift Programs in Minnesota.