A comprehensive physical education program is offered for all grades. The program has brought many awards to the school and the students. The physical education program consists of activities and experiences designed to meet the health, safety, physical, and recreational needs of all students. Exercise and games, both indoors and out, lead to physical development of students. Tony Carpenter teaches K-5 physical education and Mark Kenney teaches 5-8 physical education.

Grades K through 5

  • Gross-Motor Movements and Fine Motor Skills (running, skipping, leaping, jumping, hopping, shuffling, jogging, throwing, catching, dodging, striking, bowling, Clean the Kitchen, Medic, Crazy Pin Guard, scoops, etc.)
  • Cardio Fitness (Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge, dance, team tag, jump rope, various team games and sports)
  • Balance Activities (tumbling activities, line tag, various team building activities)
  • Team Games and Sports (volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, whiffle ball, floor hockey, ultimate frisbee, pillow polo, softball, kickball, etc.)
  • Parachute Skills (teamwork, listening skills, common goals, Shark Attack, popcorn, etc.)
  • Team Building (parachute, trust games, Partner Maze Quest, Untie the Knot, etc.)
  • Tag Games (line tag, freeze tag, mirror tag, go-go tag, team tag, etc.)
  • Scooter Activities (scooter relays, scooter bowling, scooter soccer, etc.)

Grades 6 through 8

  • Gross-Motor Movements and Fine Motor Skills (​volleyball, golf, bocce ball, bowling, brandball)​
  • Cardio Fitness (​basketball, floor hockey, soccer, Presidential Physical Fitness)​
  • Balance Activities (​golf, Presidential Physical Fitness)​
  • Team Games and Sports (​touch football, whiffle ball,volleyball, soccer,​ kickball, line soccer, Capture the Flag, European hockey, Army/Navy game basket-soccer, basketball, brandball)​
  • Parachute Skills ​(​teamwork, Shark Attack)​
  • Team Building (​basketball, floor hockey, soccer, Presidential Physical Fitness, touch football, whiffle ball, volleyball, soccer, kickball, Capture the Flag, brandball, Army/Navy)
  • Tag Games (​line tag, team tag)​
  • Scooter Activities (​scooter hockey, scooter handball, scooter soccer, scooter olympics)​

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