3rd Grade Teacher

What do you love most about your work at St. Charles?

St. Charles Borromeo is a wonderful place to be a professional educator. What I love most about working at St. Charles are the people. We are a community of faith where a sense of belonging is fostered from our youngest to our elderly. We support each other in prayer, service, respect, and kindness.

How does our faith-based environment affect what you accomplish with kids?

The faith-based environment here addresses the whole person. All subject areas are addressed through the reality that people have eternal souls, and we are created in the image of God. Assisting students in discerning and choosing God’s will for their lives is at the center of every subject area. Teaching in a faith-based environment allows Christ to be present in all we do in the hallways, cafeteria, church, playground, and in service to the greater community.

Share a bit about yourself.

I am currently teaching 3rd grade, but have also taught 4th grade. I have experienced teaching gifted and talented, teaching in public schools, and multiple grade levels. I have a BA from the University of Minnesota and earned my MAED from Hamline University in 2008.

St. Charles school is supported by St. Charles Borromeo Parish in St. Anthony Village, MN.  At St. Charles we provide a solid foundation of Faith & Knowledge for Life.  To schedule a tour, request more information, or enroll a student, please contact us by email stchbschool@gmail.com or phone (612) 781-2643Spanish option: Si prefiere una respuesta de alguien que habla espanol, por favor indiquelo en su mensaje.