1st Grade Teacher

What do you love most about your work at St. Charles?

My work as a Catholic School teacher defines who I am. To be able to say that I love my job, and, the teachers and staff I work with is a blessing beyond words. Each and every day, I feel I make a difference in the lives of the children I teach. At St. Charles, we all support each other, we respect one another, and we treat each other as an image of God.

How does our faith-based environment affect what you accomplish with kids?

My goal with my students is to make sure they obtain the knowledge necessary to successfully move on to the next grade level. What is wonderful and unique to a Catholic school is that I am able to do this with a faith-based curriculum. Every day I am able to share with my little ones my love for the Lord and my strong Catholic faith. My faith is incorporated into all that I do. It is incorporated into the subjects I teach, our playtime, and our interactions with our peers. Having the ability to pray many times a day in thanksgiving and in petitioning for those in need is an immeasurable gift.

Share a bit about yourself.

Growing up in a Catholic home, I was fortunate to attend a Catholic grade school, high school, and college. I have three boys who have been brought up to practice their Catholic faith as well. When I am not in the classroom, my children keep me very busy with their sports and extra-curricular activities! Between my students and my own children, I am learning new things every day. I am truly blessed.

In addition to teaching at St. Charles, I run the Aftercare Program and assist Mrs. Flynn with the Advent Service for students in Kindergarten through Grade 4.

St. Charles school is supported by St. Charles Borromeo Parish in St. Anthony Village, MN.  At St. Charles we provide a solid foundation of Faith & Knowledge for Life.  To schedule a tour, request more information, or enroll a student, please contact us by email stchbschool@gmail.com or phone (612) 781-2643Spanish option: Si prefiere una respuesta de alguien que habla espanol, por favor indiquelo en su mensaje.