Parent Information Night is Sept. 28!

Parent Information Night is coming up! Plan to attend this important event on Thursday, September 28. We have changed the structure of the evening to make it easier for parents to meet with all of their children’s teachers and form a partnership that will support our kids throughout the year! The schedule for the evening is as follows:

        6:30 – K-4 Session 1 (In your child’s classroom)

        6:50 –Traveling Time

            6:55– K-4 Session 2 (In your child’s classroom)

        7:15- Traveling Time

        7:20 – All (K-8)  School Session (School Cafeteria)

        7:50 – Parents who only have K-4 students may depart

        7:55 – Middle School Session (School Cafeteria)

        8:35 – Evening is Complete

K-4 Session – An opportunity for the teachers to give parents a sense of what their child’s experience will be this year. Teachers will cover classroom procedures, homework policies, expectations, and management of student behavior. This session is repeated (Session 1 & Session 2) to provide opportunities for parents with more than 1 child in grades K-4. If you only have 1 child in grades K-4, your evening will begin with Session 2.

All School Session – An opportunity for me to be with our entire parent body, talk about where we are at as a school, where we are going, and what we need from you, the parents. We will also hear from Home & School. There will be a volunteer blitz – opportunities to sign up and then go home with student out-of-uniform passes and be a hero!

Middle School Session – An chance for our middle school coordinator, Mr. Kenney, to communicate procedures, expectations, and practices that apply to all middle school teachers and students.  Each middle school teacher will have the floor for a short period of time to address practices and procedures specific to their classroom. f you do not have any children in grades 5-8 you do not need to attend this session, but are certainly welcome.

If you have questions about how this evening will go, please call the school office for clarification.  If you are wondering if this evening is important and worth your time, yes, yes it is.

God bless you,
Danny Kieffer, St. Charles Principal

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